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Executive Committee Meeting June 7, 2022: The next WLCI Executive Committee Meeting is on Tuesday, June 7, at 1pm, in the Elk Conference Room at the Wyoming Game and Fish Office (WGFD) Office in Cheyenne. The meeting can also be accessed through Google Meet via video link (https://meet.google.com/gug-ndhf-kdr), or dial: 1017-516-(US) +1 252 PIN: 312 398 066#. 
New WLCI Article: See Erica Husse’s (BLM) article An Initiative for Landscape Conservation on southwest Wyoming, highlighting the success of WLCI’s partnerships to conserve sagebrush landscapes. 
New USGS Report: A new tool has been developed and assess in Wyoming to prioritize areas for restoration to conserve multiple sagebrush associated species. Access/download the report here
New USGS Data Product and Maps: Data archive for the publication Ungulate Migrations of the Western Unitied States, Volume 1. Data can also be viewed at http://westernmigrations.net/. 
WLCI Studies
Charaterizing the Status and Trends of Focal Habitats
Habitat Improvements
Developing and Restoring Wetlands

About the Initiative

The WLCI is a long-term science-based effort to assess and enhance aquatic and terrestrial habitats at a landscape scale in southwest Wyoming, while facilitating responsible development through local collaboration and partnerships. The WLCI is an interagency working group of partners that is beginning the process of establishing a much larger coalition of government and non-government organizations. Local Project Development Teams identify local issues that are important to the landscape and cooperatively create projects to address identified needs for local wildlife, habitat, and other resource issues. Each Local Project Development Team includes local biologists, range managers, conservation districts, landowners, county commissioners, and other interested parties. The WLCI has four teams that are located geographically. Read More...

Did You Know?

Head of Gooseberry Creek

Fish Passage Project Improving Habitat

The Gooseberry Fish Passage Project is one of the first steps in an ongoing effort to improve the Sage Creek watershed and increase the range and population of Colorado River cutthroat trout (CRCT) as well as aquatic and riparian habitat within the Greater Little Mountain area. Read More...