Seedskadee Cottonwood Restoration

Seedskadee NWR in conjunction with WLCI partners is working to improve habitat conditions along the Green River corridor for wildlife and migratory birds by restoring cottonwood galleries. The effort extends from Fontenelle Dam to the City of Green River. Staff associated with the Seedskadee NWR and the BLM Kemmerer Field Office and volunteers with a youth group and boy scouts planted 45 trees at Weeping Rock campground. A contractor planted 234 trees in 2010 and 2011 along a portion of the refuge where infrastructure was available to irrigate the trees. This project addresses the priority area’s issue of riparian habitat loss. Partners include USFWS, WGFD and BLM.

Numerous studies by WLCI partners have been investigating cottonwood herbivory and regeneration at Seedskadee and adjacent properties. While there is some cottonwood regeneration there is not enough to meet the overall objective of having diverse age structures and additional galleries are needed for sustained regeneration throughout the area. Tree planting will continue, on and off the refuge, especially where tamarisk and Russian olive is being removed.