Buckhorn 18 mile well

This project is intended to improve existing riparian habitat in the Buckhorn Flowing Wells area. Since 1956, this well has provided water to fill and maintain a reservoir with the overflow supporting riparian habitat at least one mile further down the valley. This well provides water and important riparian habitat to livestock, wild horses, and other wildlife. This project’s goals will be accomplished through the construction of 3-pipe fence around the well head and downstream riparian habitat creating several enclosures to keep wild horses and livestock off riparian habitats. The ecological objective of this project is to improve the riparian habitat for sage-grouse brood rearing and year-round use. In 2012 a one-acre enclosure was constructed protecting the well head, in 2013 the second enclosure was constructed protecting about 20 acres. In 2015 Linn Energy donated 64 joints (1,920 feet of 1-7/8” pipe), and 179 joints (5,370 feet of 3-1/2” pipe) as fencing materials. Linn Energy’s donation was valued at $12,000. John Bunning Transfer Co. Inc. hauled the materials from Sublette County to the project location in Sweetwater County. Transportation costs were valued at over $2,022. WLCI Coordination Team members coordinated with the Wyoming Community Foundation to provide both companies with 501(c)3 credits. Construction of the third enclosure (approximately 45 acres) will begin once additional fencing materials are obtained.