About the Initiative

About the Initiative

The WLCI is a long-term science based effort to assess and enhance aquatic and terrestrial habitats at a landscape scale in southwest Wyoming, while facilitating responsible development through local collaboration and partnerships.

Initiative Partners...

  • Conduct efficient science-based species monitoring and habitat enhancement.
  • Facilitate best reclamation and mitigation practices for areas impacted by development.
  • Integrate existing data with new knowledge and technologies to forecast future development of energy resources and assist in habitat conservation planning.
  • Conduct habitat enhancement in all habitat types with a special focus on the sagebrush, mountain shrub, aspen, riparian and aquatic communities.
  • Ensure grazing management practices support a viable livestock industry and associated open spaces.

The WLCI...

  • Exchanges information, data and research findings among partners, industry and stakeholders to improve habitat conditions and long-term viability of species at a landscape scale.
  • Complements existing habitat reclamation and mitigation efforts.
  • Broadens our understanding of the valuable Green River Basin ecosystem.

WLCI Organization...

The WLCI has several committees and teams to help bring about the success of the initiative. These include:

  • An Executive Committee composed of government executives and elected officials provides the guidance and decision-making authority for the WLCI.
  • An interagency Coordination Team is based in Rock Springs and manages the daily operations of the initiative and maintains regular contact with partners at the field level.
  • The Coordination Team works with the Support Subcommittee, which is represented by agencies in the WLCI area, to develop conservation actions and work with local communities.
  • The USGS Science Team develops and conducts the majority of the science work for the WLCI.
  • The interagency Science and Technical Advisory Committee helps apply science to on-the-ground management and conservation actions.
  • The Data and Information Management Team shares the information gathered and generated through the WLCI and pulls together resources and tools that assist with information management and data analysis.
  • The Communication Team shares the message about WLCI work and provides outreach for the initiative.