Management Documents

Management Documents

Core Management Documents

Science Plan Documents

WLCI/USGS State of the Science - WLCI Science and Technical Advisory Committee Review 2010

January 2010, the WLCI Science and Technical Advisory Committee finished a review of the state of WLCI science and provided recommendations for continued work. 

USGS Science Strategy for WLCI

Report focusing on scientific information management and accessibility for guiding and improving management and conservation actions, future habitat treatments, best management practices, and other conservation activities. High quality version available at:

Ruby Pipeline Documents

The cooperative agreement is to minimize potential impacts to the Greater sage-grouse and pygmy rabbit, arising from the construction and operation of the Ruby Pipeline Project.

Projects are designed to enhance sagebrush habitat crossed by the Ruby Pipeline Project, add to the state of knowledge of these species, or provided protection of high-quality habitat by acquisition.

The Ruby Focus Group is a sub-set of the Lincoln/Uinta Local Project Development Team (LPDT). This group set priority areas for projects and will review project applications based on project criteria to determine eligibility for funding.

The BLM Record of Decision (ROD) is available.

Cooperative Agreement Documents

In March 2009, the WLCI state and local entities and Wyoming Community Foundation (WyCF) signed a cooperative agreement and escrow agreement allowing the WyCF to hold funds contributed to the WLCI.  You can download the donor gift form, complete it, and send a tax-deductible check or credit card contribution to the foundation.  Cooperative Agreement  Escrow Agreement

A 2014 Memorandum of Understanding describes the relationship among the U.S. Departments of the Interior and Agriculture, the State of Wyoming, the County Commissioners in southwest Wyoming, and the Conservation Districts in southwest Wyoming in working together to implement the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative.