Integrated Assessment

Integrated Assessment

What is the Integrated Assessment?

The Integrated Assessment (IA) is an integrated analysis of WLCI resource values based on best available data and information.  It is a support tool for landscape-scale conservation planning and evaluation (EC, CT, LPDTs) as well as a data and analysis resource which can be used for addressing specific agency management questions. To present the information in an easy to understand and search format - the values found in the integrated assessment are displayed using a map.  The information found on the map can be used to answer simple and complex "where" questions and as a science-based framework for conservation planning and evaluation.

How do I use the Integrated Assessment Map?

Values for the IA can be found for each subwatershed (National Hydrography Dataset, HUC 12/Level 6)  in the study area.  To see these values, click on the subwatershed of interest.  A pop-up will appear which will include the values for that subwatershed.  For more in-depth information from the assessment - click on the tabs found inside the pop-up.  (Note - scores for subwatersheds that extend outside of the WLCI only include values from inside the WLCI boundary.)

WLCI Integrated Assessment Map

Click HERE to visit the map.

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