Local Project Development Teams

Local Project Development Teams

Be Part of Southwest Wyoming’s Landscape Program!

The partnerships represented by the WLCI are most effective if they include the individuals and groups who live and work in southwest Wyoming. Three great ways to get involved are project development, information sharing, and making a contribution. (Brochure in PDF)

Project Development

Working with various partners is important because the WLCI will be most successful when the entire landscape is enhanced. Information gathered through scientific inventory and assessment of species and habitat is combined with local input and knowledge to develop and implement conservation projects. The WLCI conducts regular Local Project Development Team meetings, where public participation is needed and expected. If you have ideas for projects, they can be presented at these meetings or sent to the WLCI Coordination Team through the BLM High Desert District Office at (307) 352-0256 or Email WLCI.

Project Applications and Reports

Use the Project Funding Application [PDF] and Tracking Checklist [Word] to describe and track progress toward habitat enhancement, wildlife management, and research activities for the WLCI. Project Description Worksheets are for projects that have been discussed initially by Local Project Development Teams (LPDTs). New projects can be discussed at any LPDT Meeting. Projects are typically prioritized by the LPDT members during the May LPDT meetings and then ranked by the Coordination Team. Project proponents need to provide a brief update on project accomplishments (draft Year-End Report) by September 15 to assist with continued funding for WLCI. Project proponents must submit a final Year-End Report by November 15th. 

WLCI Conservation Action Plan
The primary purpose of this conservation plan is to serve as a roadmap of the WLCI conservation priorities and actions that it will be undertaking over the next five years (2013 – 2018). Part I of the conservation plan includes summaries of WLCI landscape scale priorities. Part II contains summaries of conservation objectives and geographic priority areas, and identifies the focal species and habitats being addressed by each LPDT. Part III contains specific project level information for each geographic priority area. Part III will be revised every year to document information about funded projects, project accomplishments, conservation and project level issues, and conservation objectives.

WLCI Conservation Action Plan Parts I and II
WLCI Conservation Action Plan Part III 2015 - Carbon LPDT
WLCI Conservation Action Plan Part III 2015 - Lincoln-Uinta LPDT
WLCI Conservation Action Plan Part III 2015 - Sublette LPDT
WLCI Conservation Action Plan Part III 2015 - Sweetwater LPDT

Information Sharing

An essential part of the WLCI’s work involves collecting various data sets and other information that can be helpful in decision-making processes. Many different individuals and groups hold information that has been collected, and the WLCI provides a data clearinghouse to document information known to be available. If you have data or information you are willing to share, use the web feedback form available on this web page or send an email to Email WLCI to describe your data resources, files, photos, or other information, and how to contact you so we can arrange a file transfer.