Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative

Conserving world-class wildlife resources. Facilitating responsible development.

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Show 3 Riparian/Wetland Condition Assessment Qualitative observations of hydrology, vegetation, and erosion/deposition (soils) attributes (see pg. 63 of protocol). 17 physical attributes are assessed on the Lotic form and 20 on the Lentic form. They are answered in a Yes/No/Not Applicable format. Notes addressing each attribute can be included on the form. At the end of the form a summary rating for the stream or wetland is given as Proper Functioning, Functioning at-Risk, or Non Functioning. If Functioning at-Risk, an apparent trend assessed as Upward, Downward or not Apparent. The individual technical references can be used to identify all of the attributes. Note: For PFC assessments there are two technical references. One is for Lotic (moving water) riparian areas and the other is for Lentic (standing water or wetland) riparian areas. Bureau of Land Management, Partners This methodology is performed by an interdisciplinary team. Generally, the riparian coordinator for each office oversees the efforts: - RSFO: John Henderson, Fisheries Biologist, Rock Springs Field Office, 280 Hwy 191 N, Rock Springs WY 82901, (307) 352-0220, jhenders@blm.gov - PFO: Kellie Roadifer, Planning and Environmental Coordinator, Pinedale Field Office, 1625 West Pine Street, PO Box 768, Pinedale, WY 82941, (307) 367-5309, kroadife@blm.gov - KFO: Carl Bezanson, Rangeland Management Specialist, Kemmerer Field Office, 312 Highway 189 North, Kemmerer WY 83101, (307) 828-4522, cbezanso@blm.gov Primary Contact or Forest Service, BLM, NRCS.
Show 124 Bird Passerine birds Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory (contracted by Wyo. BLM) David Hanni -- Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory PO Box 1232 Brighton, CO 80601 303.659.4348 David Hanni, Chris White, Jennifer Blakelsey (all RMBO)
Show 61 Vegetation Occurrence by species, survival rate of woody riparian plantings. Bureau of Land Management, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Local Southwest Wyoming Mule Deer Foundation, private landowner (Adam Lerrick) Thor Stephenson, Natural Resource Specialist, BLM Rock Springs Field Office, 280 Hwy 191 N, Rock Springs, WY 82901, (307) 352-0369, t2stephe@blm.gov NA
Show 126 Traffic counters, Outdoor recreation Number of individuals visiting a particular location. Bureau of Land Management Jo (Georgia) Foster, Outdoor Recreation Planner, BLM Rock Spring Field Office, Rock Springs, WY 82901, (307) 352-0327, gfoster@blm.gov Primary Contact
Show 29 Vegetation NEED INFO Bureau of Land Management; WYNDD Jim Glennon, Botanist, BLM Rock Springs Field Office, 280 Hwy 191 N, Rock Springs, WY 82901, (307) 352-0336, jglennon@blm.gov
Show 16 Mammal NA Bureau of Land Management Jeromy Caldwell NA
Show 79 Coal Mining NA Bureau of Land Management Joanna Nara-Kloepper NA
Show 108 Trona Mining NA Bureau of Land Management Joanna Nara-Kloepper NA
Show 20 Wellpad Reclamation NA Bureau of Land Management; Industry Trisha Cartmell, Petroleum Engineer, BLM Rock Springs Field Office, Rock Springs, WY 82901, (307) 352-0346, tcarmel@blm.gov NA
Show 100 Minerals Development NA Bureau of Land Management Joanna Nara-Kloepper NA