Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative

Conserving world-class wildlife resources. Facilitating responsible development.

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  AccessId Monitoring Theme Monitoring Indicators Organization Primary Contact Protocol Contact
Show 124 Bird Passerine birds Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory (contracted by Wyo. BLM) David Hanni -- Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory PO Box 1232 Brighton, CO 80601 303.659.4348 David Hanni, Chris White, Jennifer Blakelsey (all RMBO)
Show 43 Bird Sage Grouse numbers attending leks (lek counts), or active lek numbers (lek surveys). Note: for lek surveys, activity is indicated by birds occupying the site or signs of strutting activity. Wyoming Game and Fish Department; Bureau of Land Management; Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative Tom Christiansen, (307) 875-3225, ext. 227, WGFD Sage Grouse Coordinator, Tom.Christiansen@wyo.gov Primary Contact
Show 74 Bird Bureau of Land Management
Show 14 Bird Bureau of Land Management Frank Blomquist
Show 64 Bird Wyoming Game and Fish Department Larry Roberts
Show 117 Bird Contaminants US Fish and Wildlife Service Kim Dickerson Project Lead
Show 130 Birds, Mammals Mortality - # carcasses or feather spots (Various indicators, multiple protocols included within plan, but avian species mortality is the only protocol currently implemented) Bureau of Land Management, Industry Lorraine Keith, RECO Wildlife Biologist, BLM Rock Springs, Field Office, 280 Hwy 191 N, Rock Springs, WY 82901, (307) 352-0352, lkeith@blm.gov Primary Contact
Show 84 BLM Projects Bureau of Land Management; Partners
Show 113 Carbon Sequestration Density, cover and aboveground biomass of big sagebrush and herbaceous grasses. Chemical analyses of soil cores. US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service Justin Derner, Jerry Schuman, George Vance
Show 119 Climate Minimum & maximum monthly and annual air temperature, and precipitation, including snow fall and snow depth. US National Park Service, Northern Colorado Plateau Inventory & Monitoring Program (NCPN) for Fossil Butte National Monument, Kemmerer, WY Dana Witwicki, NCPN, P.O. Box 848, Moab, UT 84532; phone 970-555-1212; dawit@nps.gov Primary Contact