Joint WLCI/WY TWS Science Workshop

Joint WLCI/WY TWS Science Workshop

The Lander Community Center
Tuesday, December 1, 2015 - 08:00 to Thursday, December 3, 2015 - 17:00
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The Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative (WLCI) and the Wyoming Chapter of The Wildlife Society (WY TWS) Joint 2015 WLCI/WY TWS Science Workshop. Lander Community Center in Lander, Wyoming December 1-3. 

This was the first Joint Conference between the Wyoming Chapter of The Wildlife Society and the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative. This conference brought together restoration practitioners, resource specialists, researchers and scientists, managers and planners, and students to share ideas about research and restoration and to promote collaborative science and successful conservation of landscapes in the state of Wyoming.  

Based on the presentations responding from our solicitation of abstracts, the meeting had 7 science sessions with oral presentations (62 presentations) and a poster presentation (21 presentations). These included:

  1. “New Tricks: Methods, Models, & More” – results of research explaining novel or revolutionary monitoring and modeling techniques for wildlife and habitat.  Includes technological break-throughs.
  2. “Mitigating Habitat Loss, Implementing Habitat Success” – results of research evaluating on- and off-site habitat management and response of vegetation and/or wildlife and aquatic species.
  3. “Costs of Creature Comforts: Wildlife versus Human Development” – results of research explaining interactions of human development (e.g., oil, gas, wind) and wildlife and aquatic species.
  4. “Adapting Management, Revising Policy” – results of research explaining how scientific data were used to alter terrestrial and aquatic species, wildlife or habitat management practices and/or policies directed by private entities or government agencies.
  5. “Conservation and Research of Threatened Species and Species of Concern” – results of research and management of threatened, endangered, or species of concern.
  6. “Dynamics of sage-grouse populations and sagebrush habitats" - results of research that is aimed to better understand populations and habitat conditions.
  7. "Ungulate Migration, Migration habitat, and the green wave" - results of research that has explored the use of new technology to better delineate ungulate migration and migration habitats.

This workshop also included a special session "Effectiveness of Wyoming's Sage-Grouse Executive Order" and four workshops which included TSW 215 Leadership Training, Industry Biologist: Career Opportunities Working for and with Industry, Communicating and Engaging Non-Sciencetific Audiences", and "A Basic Introduction to the Program R.

Proceedings from the 2015 Joint WLCI/TWS Science Conferece

Proceedings from the science conference are now available (see below). This document incorporates all abstracts from oral and poster sessions and information about the special session and four workshops including instructors and planners and their contact information.


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