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Data Management

  • Data Management Framework and Catalog

    Managing, analyzing, providing, and using data and information resources assembled or generated for the WLCI are essential for supporting WLCI goals. This project addresses those needs by providing online tools for (1) discovering and using existing data and information; (2) cataloging, preserving, and archiving those resources; and (3) making them available to WLCI researchers, decision-makers, and the public. A WLCI Data Catalog (Catalog) hosted by USGS is available at www.wlci.gov. The Catalog includes information about and access to data sets, projects, publications, and Web sites relevant to the WLCI. This Catalog is continuously maintained and enhanced to meet user needs, capitalize on technological innovations, and ensure that [...] (Read More)

  • Outreach and Graphic Products for the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative

    A multipartner project as large as the WLCI requires excellent intra- and interagency communication, as well as dissemination of products and other information to those interested in learning about the WLCI, gleaning information for informing and supporting planning and decisions, and tracking project progress. To meet that need, the USGS developed a Web site for the WLCI at www.wlci.gov. This Web site provides information about ongoing activities and facilitates user discovery (search functions) of additional resources, including workshops, publications, reports, newsletters, data, and both habitat conservation and science projects. With aid from the USGS Data and Information Management Team, the WLCI Coordination Team and Communication [...] (Read More)

  • Science and Conservation Projects Database for the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative

    Partners and stakeholders of the WLCI have expressed the need to access descriptive information and locations of (1) "on-the-ground" habitat conservation projects managed by the WLCI Coordination Team and (2) science projects being conducted by USGS and other science-agency partners. In response to this need, WLCI project information is documented in the Clearinghouse and available on the WLCI Web site (www.wlci.gov). The Clearinghouse provides an interactive map environment enabling users to click on geospatially referenced points, view project information, link to additional resources (including data), and use search and filter capabilities to constrain the information returned. Project information is entered into the Clearinghouse, [...] (Read More)