Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources

Local Project Development Teams

Local Project Development Teams (LPDT) include local citizens and representatives interested in providing input and knowledge to develop and implement conservation projects.

Teams and Committees

Multiple teams and groups composed of staff from partner agencies, local government, and other groups support the WLCI by providing assistance and information to the Coordination Team.

Data Catalog

Explore information resources, including publications, projects, datasets, pertinent to southwest Wyoming. Information items have been provided directly by researchers and land managers and harvested from data providers, including the University of Wyoming, Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center (WYGISC).

Intergrated Assessment

The Integrated Assessment (IA) provides analysis of resources in the WLCI area, including a support tool for evaluating information helpful for landscape-scale conservation planning, evaluation, and decision making. 


Information about the multi-faceted approach used by USGS for monitoring the condition and trends in sagebrush steppe ecosystems.