Wyoming Plant and Animal Species of Concern November 2003

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Bonnie Heidel
Douglas A Keinath
Gary Beauvais
Publication Date: 2003-11
Tags: WLCI Agency Report, WLCI


  Interest in rare species has increased substantially 
over the past 40 years, and currently there is broad 
support for the conservation of rare plants and animals 
in North America.  Natural resource managers, policy 
makers, and the public require an understanding 
of the identity, distribution, and abundance of rare 
species in order to develop effective conservation 
strategies.  Such information is especially vital to 
management plans that strive to integrate the 
conservation of rare species with development of natural 
     This publication provides the most complete 
information available on the status of rare vertebrate 
species and vascular plant species in Wyoming.  It 
updates and replaces previous lists (Fertig and 
Beauvais 1999, Fertig and Heidel 2002), and 
documents 473 plants and 125 vertebrates of 
conservation and management concern in Wyoming.  
For each species, a summary of factors used in 
weighing species’ status including distribution, 
abundance, trends, and intrinsic vulnerability, is also 
     The Wyoming Natural Diversity Database (WYNDD) 
at the University of Wyoming serves as the information 
clearinghouse on species of concern in Wyoming.  
Professional biologists at WYNDD conduct primary field 
research, literature reviews, and information summaries 
to maintain a comprehensive database of information on 
rare plants and animals.  Readers are encouraged to 
help in this effort and improve this list by submitting 
data on rare species to WYNDD.  Rare species 
observation forms are included in this publication, and 
are also posted at [www.uwyo.edu/wyndd].  


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