Species Assessment For Loggerhead Shrike (Lanius Ludovicianus) In Wyoming

Publication Information

Douglas A Keinath
Publication Date: 2005-02
Tags: WLCI, WLCI Agency Report, BLM


The loggerhead shrike (Lanius ludovicianus ) is widespread in North America, where it 
generally occurs in open habitats with abundant insect prey and perches for hunting.  Examples of 
suitable habitat are grasslands, sagebrush, and a variety of shrub-steppe habitats.  However, it has 
demonstrated a substantial contraction in distribution and declines in abundance throughout North 
America.  The reasons for these declines are not fully known, although reduction in quality and 
quantity of native grassland and shrub-steppe communities is a major contributing factor, 
particularly on wintering grounds in the southern United States and Mexico. Other threats include 
livestock grazing (decreased prey availability and altered habitat structure), pesticide use 
(decreased prey availability and direct mortality) and invasive species (feral predators, non-native 
plants).  Management in Wyoming should focus on habitat preservation and restoration, with an 
active monitoring effort and research to uncover the reason behind apparent population declines. 


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