Species Assessment For Spotted Bat(Euderma Maculatum) In Wyoming

Publication Information

Michael A Bogan
Douglas A Keinath
Michael J. O’Farrell
Publication Date: 2004-05
Tags: WLCI, WLCI Agency Report


This Species Conservation Assessment was prepared as part of a Species Conservation Project 
funded by the Wyoming Bureau of Land Management. It represents a complete review of the 
current published information available for the species, includes consultation with experts, and 
addresses as much as is known concerning the distribution, biology, ecological niche, and 
conservation planning being conducted for this species on a state and range-wide level. The reader 
will note a number of areas in which biological and ecological data are not well known for this 
species, and that distribution data are based on relatively few specimen and observation records.  
Systematic surveys of suitable habitat for Euderma maculatum have not been completed in 
many U.S. states or Canadian provinces, and data are lacking for the expected range in Mexico. 
Wyoming is one of the many states in which suitable habitat has not been identified and 
quantified, and surveys of known suitable habitat have not been completed. Although based on 
only a few records, general distribution is known for the Bighorn Basin in Wyoming; but recent 
records in southwestern and central Wyoming indicate that additional work is needed to identify 
potential habitat in those areas. Surveys of potential habitat are needed to verify distribution and 
delineate local populations. Because Wyoming may include habitats that are at the upper 
altitudinal range of E. maculatum, distribution in Wyoming, and an understanding of population 
structure and dynamics of E. maculatum in the state may be very significant for management of the 
species across its range. 


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