Monitoring Wyoming's Birds, 2002-2004 Final Report

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Doug Faulkner
Publication Date: 2004
Tags: WLCI, WLCI Agency Report


In 2002, Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory (RMBO), in cooperation with Bureau of
Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, and the
Wyoming Partners In Flight group, implemented a long-term, habitat-based bird
monitoring program designed to provide rigorous population trend data on most diurnal,
regularly occurring breeding bird species in Wyoming (Leukering et al. 2001). Modeled
after Monitoring Colorado’s Birds (Leukering et al. 2000), this program is entitled
Monitoring Wyoming’s Birds (MWB). Monitoring Wyoming’s Birds is consistent with
goals emphasized in the Partners In Flight National Landbird Monitoring Strategy (Bart
et al. 2001) and, in addition to monitoring bird populations, generates a wealth of
information useful in managing birds (e.g., habitat associations, spatial distribution). This
report summarizes the findings from the first three years of what is designed to be a longterm, cooperative effort to monitor bird populations in Wyoming


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