Strategic Habitat Plan Annual Report - 2008

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Publication Date: 2008
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One of the great challenges facing the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) in the 21st century will be our ability to maintain sustainable fish and wildlife populations and meet the expectations and desire of our citizens. Potential impacts to fish and wildlife continue to expand, with some of the more noticeable being energy development, increasing demands for water, other land uses, and urban sprawl. The long-term drought, fi re suppression and differences in public expectations and uses of natural resources have caused habitat impacts as well. We must conserve and enhance habitats for all species, while, at the same time conserving habitats essential for species identified at risk in the State Wildlife Action Plan.

To answer these challenges, the Department is actively pursuing habitat-related management activities on a landscape level partnering with public land managers and private landowners on lands throughout Wyoming. In recognition of this challenge and to help focus efforts and direct funds for habitat-related activities, the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission (WGFC) adopted a Strategic Habitat Plan (SHP) in 2001. An updated and revised SHP was developed during 2008 and adopted by the WGFC in early 2009. This will guide our efforts and direct funds over the next several years. The SHP and priorities habitat areas identified can be viewed on the WGFD website at

The purpose of this annual report is to highlight 2008 activities and SHP accomplishments of the Terrestrial Habitat, Aquatic Habitat, and the Habitat and Access Maintenance programs of the WGFD as well as associated portions of the Lands Administration and Water Management Section programs. In addition, many other Department personnel provided invaluable assistance on various aspects of SHP.


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