U.S. Geological Survey Science for the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative: 2012 annual report

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Zachary H. Bowen
Cameron L. Aldridge
Patrick J. Anderson
Timothy J. Assal
Carleton R. Bern
Laura Biewick
Gregory K. Boughton
Natasha B. Carr
Anna D. Chalfoun
Geneva W. Chong
Melanie L. Clark
Bradford C. Fedy
Katharine Foster
Steven L. Garman
Stephen S. Germaine
Matthew G. Hethcoat
Collin G. Homer
Matthew J. Kauffman
Douglas Keinath
Natalie Latysh
Daniel J. Manier
Robert R. McDougal
Cynthia P. Melcher
Kirk A. Miller
Jessica Montag
Christopher J. Potter
Spencer Schell
Sarah L. Shafer
David B. Smith
Michael J. Sweat
Anna B. Wilson
Publication Date: 2014
Tags: Open-File Report

Southwest Wyoming contains abundant energy resources, wildlife, habitat, open spaces, and outdoor recreational opportunities. Although energy exploration and development have been taking place in the region since the late 1800s, the pace of development for fossil fuels and renewable energy increased significantly in the early 2000s. This and the associated urban and exurban development are leading to landscape-level environmental and socioeconomic changes that have the potential to diminish wildlife habitat and other natural resources, and the quality of human lives, in Southwest Wyoming. The potential for negative effects of these changes prompted Federal, State, and local agencies to undertake the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative for Southwest Wyoming.



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