U.S. Geological Survey Science for the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative-2009 Annual Report

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Zachary H. Bowen
Cameron L. Aldridge
Patrick J. Anderson
Timothy J. Assal
Laura R. H. Biewick
Steven W. Blecker
R. Sky Bristol
Natasha B. Carr
Anna D. Chalfoun
Geneva W. Chong
James E. Diffendorfer
Bradley C. Fedy
Steven L. Garman
Stephen Germaine
Richard I. Grauch
JoAnn M. Holloway
Collin G. Homer
Matthew J. Kauffman
Douglas Keinath
Natalie Latysh
Daniel J. Manier
Robert R. McDougal
Cynthia P. Melcher
Kirk A. Miller
Jessica Montag
Constance J. Nutt
Christopher J. Potter
Hall Sawyer
Spencer Schell
Sarah L. Shafer
David B. Smith
Lisa L. Stillings
Michele L.W. Tuttle
Anna B. Wilson
Publication Date: 2010
Tags: Open-File Report

This is the second report produced by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) for the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative (WLCI) to detail annual work activities. The first report described work activities for 2007 and 2008; this report covers work activities conducted in 2009. Important differences between the two reports are that (1) this report does not lump all the Effectiveness Monitoring activities together as last year's report did, which will allow WLCI partners and other readers to fully appreciate the scope and accomplishments of those activities, and (2) this report does not include a comprehensive appendix of the background details for each work activity. In 2009, there were 29 ongoing or completed activities, and there were 5 new work activities conducted under the 5 original major multi-disciplinary science and technical assistance activities: (1) Baseline Synthesis; (2) Targeted Monitoring and Research; (3) Data and Information Management; (4) Integration and Coordination; and (5) Decisionmaking and Evaluation. New work included (1) developing a soil-quality index, (2) developing methods for assessing levels of and relationships between mercury and soil organic matter, and (3) ascertaining element source, mobility, and fate. Additionally, (4) remotely sensed imagery was used to assess vegetation as an indicator of soil condition and geology, and (5) an Integrated Assessment (IA) was initiated to synthesize what has been learned about WLCI systems to date, and to develop associated decision tools, maps, and a comprehensive report.



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