Rancher and farmer quality of life in the midst of energy development in southwest Wyoming

Publication Information

Leslie Allen
Jessica Montag
Katie Lyon
Suzanna Soileau
Rudy Schuster
Publication Date: 2014
Tags: WLCI Fact Sheet

Quality of life (QOL) is usually defined as a person’s general well-being, and may include individual perceptions of a variety of factors such family, work, finances, local community services, community relationships, surrounding environment, and other important aspects of their life, ultimately leading to life satisfaction. Energy development can have an effect on QOL components for rural residents. Southwest Wyoming is a rural area with a history of ranching and farming which continues today. This area has also seen a “boom” of increasing wind, solar, oil and gas energy developments over the past decade. Wyoming Department of Agriculture, as part of the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative (WLCI), sponsored research to examine the effect of energy development on ranchers’ and farmers’ quality of life.



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