Pole Creek Prescribed Burn

Project Information

Project Status: Completed
Tags: aspen, mule deer, prescribed burn, antelope, conifer encroachment, elk, moose, habitat conservation project, wildlife, Habitat

This project will involve prescribed burning 6546 acres (approximately half black) in a mosaic pattern in the Pole Creek area to improve upland plant communities, and aspen stands by removing conifer cover to help sustain aspen habitat by promoting suckering and removing competition by conifers to increase productivity and browse.

The project includes a special emphasis on improvement of the age class and diversity of plant communities. Historically, some of this area has been classified as transitional and year long range for mule deer, elk, moose, and antelope. Healthy aspen, mountain shrub, grassland/forb and riparian communities are important parturition and fawn rearing areas for big game. By improving this portion of the transitional range, we anticipate that this will help hold the deer in transitional areas, saving the crucial periods during the winter. This will also help as other are initiated in crucial winter range areas, to help relieve the situation of loss of forage by providing it in the transitional areas. Other wildlife expected to benefit from this treatment include small mammals, and a variety of birds.

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