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Natalie Latysh
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Managing, analyzing, providing, and using data and information resources assembled or generated for the WLCI are essential for supporting WLCI goals. This project addresses those needs by providing online tools for (1) discovering and using existing data and information; (2) cataloging, preserving, and archiving those resources; and (3) making them available to WLCI researchers, decision-makers, and the public. A WLCI Data Catalog (Catalog) hosted by USGS is available at The Catalog includes information about and access to data sets, projects, publications, and Web sites relevant to the WLCI. This Catalog is continuously maintained and enhanced to meet user needs, capitalize on technological innovations, and ensure that information resources are current and relevant. This includes routinely seeking and adding new or updated data and metadata. We also periodically harvest data from provider systems to capture updated data and other resources.

The WLCI Data Catalog is built into the USGS ScienceBase infrastructure, which provides the data-management and Web-servicing capabilities for the Catalog. ScienceBase undergoes continuous refinement to enhance science project management and to advance information resources. Other WLCI applications developed through the ScienceBase infrastructure and capabilities include the WLCI Integrated Assessment, Long-Term Monitoring mapping tools, Interactive Maps that portray biological and energy data, and the Western Energy Citation Clearinghouse, all of which are available on the WLCI Web site. The myUSGS wiki system is another online component of the Data Management Framework that provides the WLCI community with tools for managing documents, conducting and recording discussions, organizing materials, managing community access, and easing the process of organizing events. The WLCI Coordination Team is using myUSGS to store, organize, and track information associated with WLCI habitat conservation projects. We routinely upload updated information on WLCI science projects and habitat conservation projects.

In FY2014, we continued to improve the WLCI Data Catalog and enable access to and use of WLCI data and maps, as well as locations, summaries, and key results of science and habitat conservation projects. We also added updated information about WLCI projects and new publications to the WLCI Data Catalog and made it available through the WLCI Web site. This requires using Web services and metadata preparation in the WLCI Data Catalog to improve completeness and uniformity for distribution and display.


Products Completed in FY2014

  • The WLCI Data Catalog was maintained and enhanced, and the data-management tools and capabilities were advanced to promote efficiency in and progress of WLCI efforts.
  • New and updated USGS Science and Partner Habitat Conservation Project information was added to the WLCI Data Catalog and made available through the WLCI Web site.
  • Web services were enhanced to serve data and information more efficiently from the WLCI Data Catalog to WLCI Web site.

Products Completed in FY2013

  • The WLCI Data Clearinghouse was advanced and maintained; data-management tools and capabilities were advanced to enable efficiency and progression of WLCI efforts. 
  • Updated and refined metadata records for display in WLCI Web site via Web services. 
  • Web services were enhanced to efficiently serve data and information from the WLCI Data Clearinghouse to the WLCI Web site. 

Products Completed in FY2012

  • Enhanced and maintained the WLCI Data Clearinghouse.
  • Established protocols for assembling newly discovered monitoring and scientific data and adding them to the WLCI Data Clearinghouse.
  • Provided comprehensive access to data resources in the WLCI Data Clearinghouse, enabling WLCI data users to understand the data and what may be accomplished with them.
  • Advanced data-management tools and capabilities to enable efficiency and progression of WLCI efforts.
  • Refined and structured metadata for display in WLCI Web site via Web services.
  • Enhanced Web services to efficiently serve data and information from WLCI Data Clearinghouse to the WLCI Web site.
  • Instituted EventManager for online registration and abstract submission for the 2012 WLCI Science Workshop.

Products Completed in FY2011 

  • Refined and updated information products in the ScienceBase catalog: updated data records harvested from the WYGISC, which include current datasets produced by the WGFD. 
  • Cataloged animal and plant species occurrence data produced by the WYNDD for the Wyoming BLM in the WLCI Data Clearinghouse.
  • Improved uploading capability allowing WLCI community members to add information resources directly to the WLCI Data Clearinghouse. 
  • Latysh, N., and Bristol, S., 2011, Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative Data Management and Integration: WLCI Fact Sheet 1, 2 p. 
Products Completed in FY2010
  • Work entailed improvements of previous efforts.

Products Completed in FY2009

  • Improved direct access to the Data Clearinghouse through the WLCI Web site (
  • Added over 400 data records relevant to the WLCI to the Data Clearinghouse.
  • Developed protocols for data harvesting using Web services.
  • Established the ScienceBase Data Clearinghouse user interface.
  • Refined Data Clearinghouse search tools.
Products Completed in FY2008
  • As of August 8, 2008, the WLCI Data Clearinghouse had incorporated 238 current data resources.
  • Of the 238 data resources in the Data Clearinghouse, 114 are of acceptable quality with adequate metadata, and are ready for limited access and use. Twenty-five of the data resources have been identified for public release. Additional records will be made available for public access. Other records are proprietary and preliminary and are, therefore, made available only to the WLCI community. In December 2008, the WLCI Data and Information Management Team (DIMT) launched a review period for these data and assigned individual data record ownership.
  • On August 27, 2008, the Data Clearinghouse was presented for review to the WLCI Coordination Team and the DIMT.
  • On November 10 and 14, 2008, the first iteration of the WLCI Data Clearinghouse "explorer" view was demonstrated to the WLCI Coordination Team and Executive Committee. The WLCI Data Clearinghouse was released late 2008.

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