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Natalie Latysh
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Partners and stakeholders of the WLCI have expressed the need to access descriptive information and locations of (1) "on-the-ground" habitat conservation projects managed by the WLCI Coordination Team and (2) science projects being conducted by USGS and other science-agency partners. In response to this need, WLCI project information is documented in the Clearinghouse and available on the WLCI Web site ( The Clearinghouse provides an interactive map environment enabling users to click on geospatially referenced points, view project information, link to additional resources (including data), and use search and filter capabilities to constrain the information returned. Project information is entered into the Clearinghouse, which is part of the ScienceBase data management system and delivered by Web services to the WLCI Web site. 

The Coordination Team is using the myUSGS system (a virtual collaboration site) for storing, organizing, and tracking information for annually proposed and funded habitat conservation projects. Annually, the USGS Science Team provides information about WLCI Science projects for publications listed as USGS Science for WLCI. The USGS DIMT members tasked with developing and maintaining data-management capabilities for the WLCI routinely update science project information obtained from published reports, habitat conservation project information, myUSGS, and the Clearinghouse. WLCI data personnel routinely communicate with the WLCI CT, Monitoring Team, and Science Team members to identify data-management needs for project tracking and management. 

During FY2013, WLCI project descriptions cataloged in the Clearinghouse were maintained and updated with information about new projects, and additional information regarding status and progress was provided for ongoing projects. WLCI science and habitat projects were refined in the Clearinghouse for display in the WLCI Web site by using Web services. We maintained and updated the information in myUSGS, our virtual collaboration space used to help the Coordination Team organize, track, and store information for annually proposed and funded conservation projects. In myUSGS, the project information is organized by year and includes associated project artifacts, such as presentations, proposals, and photographs. Additionally, the information for funded projects is cataloged in the Clearinghouse and made available on the WLCI Web site. 

Products Completed in FY2013

  • Posted new and updated USGS Science and Partner Habitat Conservation Project information to WLCI Data Clearinghouse. 
  • Advanced Web servicing capabilities allowing dynamic use of cataloged information items, such as project information and citations, in WLCI Web site. 

Products Completed in FY2012

  • Updated and added to WLCI science and habitat project information in the WLCI Data Clearinghouse.
  • Advanced Web-servicing capabilities that allow use of cataloged information items, such as project information and citations, in WLCI Web site.
  • Enhanced WLCI habitat and science project metadata for transfer to and dynamic display in WLCI website.
  • Developed cataloging methods for monitoring protocols for potential use by the WLCI Interagency Monitoring Team.

Products Completed in FY2011 

  • Updated and current project information entered into the WLCI Data Clearinghouse. 
  • Established myUSGS Confluence space, allowing CT members to archive, manage, and track project information. 
  • Generated an Access database to document monitoring activities conducted by WLCI partners. The monitoring database is stored in the myUSGS Confluence space. 
  • Advanced the Web-servicing capabilities that allow use of cataloged information items, such as project information and citations, in WLCI Website. 

Products Completed in FY2010 

  • Most of the work has been improvements of previous efforts. 

Products Completed in FY2009

  • New project-tracking interface and map-display feature.
  • Project geodatabase containing location and descriptive (attribute) information.


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