Coordination, Science Integration, Decisionmaking, and Evaluation for the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative

Project Information

Patrick J Anderson
Zachary H Bowen
Frank D'Erchia
Tags: Integration and Coordination, Science

A program as large and complex as the WLCI requires significant coordination and management, as well as the integration of what is learned from science with the decision-making and program-evaluation processes. For the WLCI, coordination and integration are accomplished through the WLCI Coordination Team, which is composed of one member each from the USGS, BLM, FWS, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, and Wyoming Department of Agriculture. There is also a USGS member on the Science and Technical Advisory Committee. Under the direction of the WLCI Executive Committee, the Coordination Team manages the fiscal and logistical operations necessary to meet the goals and objectives of the WLCI. The Coordination Team also is responsible for conservation planning and implementing adaptive management strategies to guide future conservation actions. Decision-making and evaluation are achieved by iteratively improving the overall knowledge base as new knowledge is acquired and products are completed. The knowledge and products are then used to inform decisions made about habitat projects and other conservation activities and to inform evaluations of the overall effectiveness of habitat projects in meeting WLCI goals.


  • Provide coordination and science integration for planning and work among multiple research and management projects and activities to meet the WLCI’s goals and objectives.
  • Provide coordination and direction to WLCI teams and committees.
  • Participate as team leads for the USGS Science Team, Data and Information Management Team, and the Monitoring Team. 
  • Ensure that the interdisciplinary knowledge, expertise, and work of scientists with the USGS and other organizations are available to support the work of WLCI managers and decisionmakers. 

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