Cokeville Meadows Wetland Improvements

Project Information

Project Status: Completed
Tags: white-faced ibis, American Bittern, habitat conservation project, riparian, wildlife, avian species, Habitat

This project will improve the irrigation meadows on the Cokeville Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. Engineering and Design will be provided to improve the condition of unused irrigation systems and pump and to install additional head gates and dikes. Planting and weed control will be done to restore 1,300 acres of irrigated meadow.

This project will improve irrigation efficiency and flooding of approximately 1,300 acres of hay meadows that are currently unproductive. These improvements will increase nesting habitat for the American Bittern, White-face ibises and a variety of other wetland and waterfowl species. Additionally, once permanent vegetation is established the potential to use this area as a grass bank will be explored. This would reduce livestock use on adjacent big game ranges. Highly productive permanent vegetation will also help reduce weeds that currently dominate the area.

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