Pepperweed Partnership

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BLM Wyoming - Rawlins Field Office
Tags: riparian, habitat conservation project, invasive species, Habitat

Project Synopsis: this project would fund the labor for mechanical, biological, and chemical applications in an effort to gain control of Perennial pepperweed, Russian knapweed, whitetop, Marsh sowthistle, and saltcedar.  The watershed drains into the North Platte River which currently does not have perennial pepperweed. This area has crucial winter range for deer and elk, and yearlong range for antelope.  There are sage grouse wintering areas and brood-rearing habitat, as well as numerous leks, and mountain plover.  There are perennial streams with several species of willow.  There have been efforts to improve Sage Creek proper, which was listed on the 303d list of impaired streams due to habitat degradation, and was subsequently removed in 2008. The entire area is grazed by cattle using a rotational grazing system.  This project started in 1998 to stop the pepperweed from reaching the River.  Since then, work has expanded to remove all saltcedar and Russian olive that are encountered, and to reduce the spread of Russian knapweed.  The ranch partnered in 1999 (under the previous owner) to address the weed issue.  The new owner has been cooperating as well, with results being a marked reduction in pepperweed, saltcedar, and Russian olive.  The Russian knapweed was targeted for increased effort in 2007 with increased treatments along ranch roads and around the ranch buildings and facilities.  The project was started in Little Sage Creek and Hugus Draw and is ready to begin expansion into Sage Creek.

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