Sage-grouse Core Area Riparian Exclosure Project

Project Information

BLM Wyoming - Kemmerer Field Office
Project Status: Active
Tags: exclosures, habitat conservation project, riparian, sage grouse, Habitat

Project Synopsis: BLM Kemmerer Field Office (KFO) proposes to construct riparian exclosures within the “Sage” sage-grouse core area as designated by the Wyoming Governor’s Executive Order (EO 2011-5).  During late summer, fall and early winter of 2011 the BLM mapped and inventoried approximately 190 reservoirs and 50 springs/seeps in the Ruby Priority Project area.  After compiling 2011 data, the BLM identified several springs/seeps as priorities for protection/enhancement.  The springs/seeps are repeatedly grazed to the extent that hummocks are forming or have already formed.  Once hummocks form or start to form, the immediate threat is a high soil compaction which could result in a lower water table, the spring/seep migrating uphill, headcuts or complete loss of the water source.  The KFO proposes to use low maintenance fencing due to snowloads and to reduce future maintenance/repair costs.  If needed, the fences would be fitted with low light reflectors/reflective tape to increase visibility by wildlife, especially sage-grouse.  The exclosures would be located within the Bear River and Upper Colorado River watersheds.  Other species of concern include: Bonneville and Colorado River cutthroat trout, northern leopard frog, northern leatherside and roundtail chub, flannelmouth and bluehead suckers, big game, raptors and other migratory birds. 

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