Watershed Habitat Mapping and Inventory 2013

Project Information

BLM Wyoming - Kemmerer Field Office
Tags: assessment, sage grouse, habitat conservation project, riparian, Habitat

Project Synopsis: project will focus on springs, seeps and reservoirs in sage-grouse core habitat located within the Ruby Priority area.  Other species of concern include: Bonneville and Colorado River Cutthroat trout, northern leopard frog, northern leatherside and roundtail chub, flannelmouth and bluehead suckers, big game, raptors and other migratory birds.  Water resources will be mapped, inventoried and prioritized for future project/riparian developments.  BLM mapped and inventoried approximately 190 reservoirs and 50 springs/seeps in 2011 (approximately one-third of the known springs, seep and reservoirs).  BLM would like to continue this project and add to the existing knowledge.  By using the data collected in 2011, in combination with USGS sagebrush models, existing BLM data and WGFD wildlife observations, BLM was able to create a brood-rearing habitat model.  By adding new updated information to the model will increase model accuracy and allow for more informed future decisions.

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